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Best Practices of a Proper Design Handoff

Stephanie Goodwin

Launching a successful product most likely has a foundation of people that have worked hard behind the scenes – this includes designers and developers. A well-organized and deliberate handoff from designer to developer can smooth out any potential kinks that would have arisen during the execution process due to an incomplete ... Read More »

Better Communication, Better Design: Improve Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

Stephanie Goodwin

Behind the scenes of every great product is a good foundation using design and technology. A lot of effort from both designer and developer goes into assuring a successful launch of a product, and it’s essential that there is collaboration between the two to make sure that the launch ... Read More »

Don’t Design & Dash: the Benefits of a Product Design Sprint

Stephanie Goodwin

I find gratification in creating products that are not only objectively beautiful, but that are conducive to a great user experience. Achieving that end-result come at the price of the digital world’s most precious of the commodities — time. In addition to creating a top-of-the-line product, we apply a user-centric ... Read More »

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